About Us

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About Us


In pursuit of a responsible, conscious and empowered civilization.

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We are a nonprofit organisation working towards the wellbeing of all life. We want to help the human race to achieve their true potential of being the guardians of this world – nurturing and protecting life in all its diversity.


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A message from our Founder, Akshat

I was an established director in Mumbai, with my company poised for a period of exponential growth. I had just moved into the house of my dreams – a sprawling sea-facing duplex apartment with more rooms than people. I had arrived. And that is when my world erupted!

It was the result of a process I had started in 2007, when in order to lead a more conscious life I switched to a sattvic diet. This led to immense health benefits and over the next few years I introduced several other changes to my daily routine. Soon I started practicing Yoga and then one day, the 9 years of self-discipline changed the way I saw everything!

The very clothes I wore, the things I owned, the house I was in. I could not identify myself with anything or anyone! These were mere objects or waste collected over time to serve as ‘cool’ talking points for people. My house was built by destroying an entire ecosystem. Everything I consumed had an adverse impact on the planet.

I saw the suffering people were going through – emotionally and physically. And how our way of life was causing immense suffering to all other life.​

I could not be this person anymore. I had to change.​

So I gave away my possessions and started living a zero waste and toxic-free lifestyle. But I could not stop there. It was time to go all out. I had to pursue a deeper understanding of the human body, spirituality and our place in nature.

So I shut down my work and in 2018 I got admission into the Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher training programme in Coimbatore. It was a blessing as this is the world’s most intense program and only 167 of us were taken from around the world.

During the 5 months (1750 hours) of deep sadhana, we experienced classical Hatha yoga in it’s full depth and dimension and were introduced to the science of Siddha medicine and the Yogic principles of nutrition and physiology.

Since my return, I have been studying Ayurveda and natural disease reversal with a focus on chronic lifestyle diseases and child nutrition. My purpose now is to share the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the last 13 years and add value to the world in every way possible.​

The Foundation is just the start.